Why Do We Use Coconut Oil for Popping Our Popcorn?

When it comes to popcorn, one of America’s adored snacks that has been with us for hundreds of years, people can be pretty particular about their savory – or sweet – pastime treat. Therefore, we wanted to be open with you today about our popcorn popping process, as well as why we use coconut oil in our finished product.

If you’ve ever wanted to know more about popcorn made with coconut oil, then this blog is for you! Let’s look at the details.

Why Coconut Oil?

Popcorn is typically associated with fatty oils, like vegetable oil, or butter today, right? When you go to the movie theater and you order a big bucket of popcorn, you expect it to be soaked in butter. However, that butter is exactly what’s contributing to so many health problems and health deteriorations over-time.

So, wouldn’t we use a “healthier” oil than vegetable oil and butter if we could? Of course!

Coconut oil has similar properties to medium-chain triglycerides, which aids the body in digestion after consumption. This means that your body absorbs the oil more quickly than long-chain fatty acids, like that of vegetable oil. It makes coconut oil a better energy source than other oil options.

Additionally, a 2018 study proved that coconut oil raised HDL cholesterol, which is the “good kind of cholesterol” when compared to butter and olive oil in the same study.

What About Free Radicals?

When you cook with an unsaturated fatty oil, like olive oil, these compounds actually release what are known as free radicals. Essentially the opposite of antioxidants, which cleanse the body and your blood, free radicals lead to inflammation that can be a precursor for heart disease and diabetes.

When you cook with a saturated fat, like coconut oil, free radicals are not released into the finished product. Additionally, coconut oil can have an effect on your metabolism, supporting the ability to lose weight and assist your digestive system in moving with greater efficiency.

Not to mention, the natural flavor that comes from coconut is simply delicious, having been used in Asian and Southeastern Asian cuisine for thousands of years.

So Why Do We Use Coconut Oil in Our Popcorn Recipe?

We use coconut oil for three reasons: it’s a more natural, direct source of nutrients for your body; it’s more supportive of long-term health; and it’s more supportive of a cleaner, leaner digestive system.

Here at the Mackniaw City Popcorn Factory, we want what is best for you in your health. If you have more questions about our usage of coconut oil in our popcorn products, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team.