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How to Choose the Perfect Popcorn Flavor Today

When it comes to popcorn, there can be a lot of flavor variety options, from sweet to savory today. With all of these choices, it can make it hard for you, the consumer, to identify what you want to buy for your snacking. Should you go with a salty, crunchy snack, or sweeter, smoother delectable that you can enjoy after dinner?

We’re glad you asked! We’re going to help you choose your perfect popcorn flavor below. Here are some options for you to consider from our store:

  1. Caramel: Made with popcorn, real butter, brown sugar, cane sugar, and corn syrup, our top sweet seller is delicious, inviting, and perfectly suited after dinner, lunch, or in-between meals. Bring your caramel popcorn as a treat to a surprise party, to a local BBQ cookout, or whip it out for a fun date-night at home, as you watch a movie.
  2. White Cheddar: You’ll enjoy some seriously delicious, cheesy tastes while you crunch on this beloved snack. White cheddar popcorn goes perfectly as a mid-afternoon snack when you’re craving dinner, as well as a perfect road trip essential to share with the kids.
  3. Butter Pecan: Who said butter pecan was only for pies? Our butter pecan popcorn is made with popcorn, real butter, sugar, corn syrup, a lot of pecans, and coconut oil. It’s an English toffee and Pecan deliciously sweet treat that people will adore as a present or surprise gift. If you want to impress, bring the butter pecan popcorn.
  4. Birthday Cake: Did someone say happy birthday? Yes, we’ve made a birthday cake popcorn that includes sprinkles! With a sweet vanilla flavor and plenty of crunch, this is the perfect popcorn surprise for the little ones in your life. Whip this out at the next birthday and watch smiles abound.
  5. Peanut Butter: Who doesn’t love the crossover taste of salty and sweet, embodied in peanut butter? Now you can take that taste and add the crunchy texture of popcorn to it. With real peanut butter and our coconut oil popcorn, this time-old classic recipe is one that everyone will enjoy.
  6. Red Hot Cinnamon: We all know those people who like a little KICK in their snacking. Made with popcorn, sugar, corn syrup and coconut oil, our sweet cinnamon popcorn concoction will wake you up in no-time. Bring it with you in the car, share it with friends, and see what they think about this unique popcorn experience.

So what will it be? We hope you have enjoyed this breakdown of some of our best popcorn sellers today! There is nothing as universal as a love for popcorn.

Want to Try a Taste?

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